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Free Family Learning Course- Tuesday, 9th January, from 1 to 3:30 pm for 10 weeks

A reminder that our exciting Family Learning Course will be taking place in our school. Starting on Tuesday, 9th January, from 1 to 3:30 pm, the Fizzy Fun Science course will run for 10 weeks. This course, led by a teacher called Emma from Cardiff and Vale College (CAVC), will allow parents and family members to work alongside their child, exploring various STEM experiments. The course is free for all and open to children from years 2 to 6. Children must be accompanied by a family member, such as parents, siblings over the age of 18, or grandparents.

Your child brought home a flyer in December. The deadline to sing up for ht course is Monday 8th January 2024. We've had lots of families sign up but still have 2 places.


The Family Learning Project at CAVC aims to engage families and support parents in practical and enjoyable ways to enhance their children's education. The qualified teachers from CAVC deliver bespoke courses and workshops designed to take families on an exciting learning journey together. These courses are delivered in schools across Cardiff and the Vale, with some now available online. Participating in Family Learning with CAVC not only provides parents with an understanding of how to support their children at all levels of progression but also offers an opportunity to gain a qualification.